Illinois State Bar Association

Stan served from 1981-1985 and in 1998 on the Illinois Civil Practice and Procedure Section Council. The sole purpose of this committee is to improve matters involving legal procedures in Illinois. While on the Committee, Stan was author of a proposal to change records deposition subpoena procedures to facilitate access to documents in the discovery process in lawsuits. He was the principal drafter of a proposal which was sent to the Illinois Supreme Court. The recommendations made were substantially adopted by the Illinois Supreme Court in a rule change. This novel approach to document discovery will mean serious and substantial reductions in the cost of litigation for decades to come.

Stan served on the Illinois Judicial Advisory Polls Committee from 1985 - 1989, and as chairman in 1990. This committee serves to poll lawyers about the qualifications of judicial candidates. During Stan's tenure on the committee, the polling questionnaire was completely revised and improved. The polling process provides important information about judicial candidates which is then disseminated to the public by most newspapers.

Stan has also served in 2001 on the ISBA Judicial Evaluation Committee, screening candidates for the Appellate Court and the Supreme Court for the Third Judicial District.

Stan served on the Administrative Law Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association from 1986-1990. This committee addresses new developments and problems in the area of administrative law throughout the state of Illinois.